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  1. Canberra
    Uber has reverted to making a driver’s acceptance and cancellation rates available in the app. It has also reverted to using the term ‘acceptance rate’ rather than ‘confirmation rate’. These rates are now shown in relation to a four-week period rather than a one-week period.
  2. Brisbane
    If a rider is 10m away from me and my confirmation rate is 0%, would he be paired with another driver who might be 2km away if his confirmation rate is 100%? But isn't it that the rider wants an UBER asap?
  3. Ratings
    Hi there What's your cancellation and confirmation rate at? You can have a look at my rate lol The thing is that I only come out in the busy time hunting big surge or long trips and I call it working smart not hard. I go with 1 full tank a week £35 and I make around £500 - £700 a week by only...
  4. Canberra
    GoCatch sent the following email to drivers at 12.25 pm on Friday 12 January 2017: Improve Your Driver Status to Get More From GoCatch Hi Jack, Thank you for driving with us! Here at GoCatch we enjoy rewarding our top drivers and we will continue to provide opportunities for you to earn...
  5. Canberra
    Uber is now using the term 'confirmation rate' rather than 'acceptance rate' on the driver app. The essential meaning is the same but the new term seems to imply an expectation that the driver will take on rides offered.
1-5 of 5 Results