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  1. Sydney
    Am looking at the insurance cover including rideshare and have found that Bingle is quite cheaper as compared to NRMA and Allianz. Anyone has experience with Bingle. Your suggestions would be highly appreciated please. Thanks
  2. New York City
    I drive a 2016 sedan and in addition to liability coverage, I also have comprehensive and collision. I like to play it safe. My comprehensive and collision is with Kingstone insurance but they devalue the car at a high 4% every single month regardless of how many miles I put on the car. My...
  3. Insurance
    I'm looking for recommendations for a full-time Uber/Lyft driver ready to take the plunge, move from a personal policy to a commercial policy. Why? Most insurers do not allow rideshare on a personal policy. A few allow rideshare, but provide no coverage while ridesharing. A few more, like...
1-3 of 3 Results