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  1. Chicago
    Tuesday night I drove a couple guys about 20 minutes to Rogers Park. They talked for a while, then fell asleep. A few blocks shy of dropoff and I hear sudden stirring, groping for and trying at the latch. "Hey we're not quite there yet." He didn't reply...cuz he couldn't. Using all my...
  2. Canberra
    I haven’t received any five-star comments since late April 2018, the same time that the weekly ratings summaries stopped arriving. This afternoon, I took an Uber as a rider. Sure enough, I confirmed that the rider can no longer leave a five-star comment for their driver. This is a pity.
  3. Ratings
    This afternoon I decided to check my rating on the ratings tab after almost 1 year and I was like whaaat!?
  4. San Diego
    I got this one yesterday which just shows what a joke these badges are. I offer a clean seat, seatbelt, and whatever music I'm playing on Pandora, nothing more. No water or snacks on my dime. My favorite badge is a cash tip. $$$
  5. Boston
    Before the flaming begins I know the best compliment is get to tipped in CASH. Best tip I made was $30 in cash from a $5 uberX just 2 nights ago. What is your best in app rider notes - to be honest the fact someone took the time to write feedback about your grind deserves to be known. Drop...
  6. Stories
    The other day I had a pax give a call during a surge period. I accepted, she cancelled just a minute or so before I arrived. She then immediately pinged again with no surge. I went ahead and picked it up because I saw it was the same person, as an experiment. I asked her if she had called and...
1-6 of 6 Results