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compliment badges
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  1. Advice
    I had eleven of these badges until they all disappeared sometime within the last few days. Does anyone know what happenened? Was this badge removed from the app or were mine taken away for punishment or something? Please share.
  2. Washington DC
    How about REALLY saying thanks and showing how much you appreciate drivers (LMFAO BAHAHAHAHA) by raising rates and quit fornicating both drivers and riders. Can I take my compliments to the bank and exchange them for cash? No it's just something else to distract idiot ants from the dismal base...
  3. San Diego
    Email from Fuber. Open it, thinking it's going to be about a fare hike, or some kind of boost or incentives or something perhaps useful... What does it end up being? Fuber letting me know they are going to allow pax to hand me even more compliment badges! Gee Fuber. Thanks! I'll have to make...
1-3 of 3 Results