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  1. New York City
    I just ordered a Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam and I have been told to comply in NYC I need to put up stickers on my passenger windows warning riders that they are being taped. Where can I buy these stickers in NYC or online ?
  2. New York City
    I was supposed to take my drug test before April 1st to avoid suspension and never got around to it. Tlc compliance said my license would be suspended if I didn't. Finally took it today but Idk if my liscense has been suspended and I don't want to risk driving and getting pulled over. Is there...
  3. Stories
    So, a representative from Lyft, the CPUC, and police officers are at the SFO lot today making sure people are in compliance. If you're not they're handing out tickets and I don't know what the Lyft representative is doing. Here's the fliers they're handing out. Here's the CPUC guy and the...
  4. Sydney
    It is expected to be official regulation by September... This means having proper business insurance, business CTP and maintenance of cars as per manufacturer specifications. I am sure 70 to 85 percent uberx drivers don't have these in place.... I think it is going to hurt us hard .... More...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    What do you do if a passenger wants to break Uber policy or the law. For example, bring open alcoholic beverages or fit more people in the car than you have seatbelts or smoke cigarettes on the way?
  6. Detroit
    as the school year has returned remember it is against Policy to transport minors without the adult account holder. Do it if you want, it's your judgment call. But I refuse to do it. Ohh and if I do pull up and find that's the case. I'm going to make sure they get charged a...
  7. Brisbane
    I have been roaming around Eagle St and the Valley at the busiest time of a Friday night. No compliance vehicles in sight, which is weird for a busy night like tonight. I think QT compliance officers have changed their tactics thanks to the new law. At least they are saving tens of thousands of...
  8. Brisbane
    Last night I saw two Queensland Transport Compliance vehicles patrolling Brisbane city. What would happen if they knew I was doing Uber? I assume they were looking for Uber drivers. Has anyone had experience with these people?
  9. Canberra
    Just saw a text saying: UBER: (my name), your profile will be deactivated temporarily from the 12th of January if we do not receive a new vehicle inspection certificate as requested. Book into your FREE vehicle inspection at t.uber.com/actinspection now to ensure you do not lose access to the...
1-9 of 9 Results