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  1. News
    ...Until this year, the company was making a perfectly logical choice to deploy its bountiful capital to push for growth over profits, mirroring investor priorities in the cheap money era. In fact, Dara (as he is often, familiarly called) lost more money during his first four years as CEO than...
  2. Advice
    What are the parallels between trucking and the ride-sharing and courier industries? Huge Hint: rideshare and courier are considered spot rates now in all the new Upfront Fares markets as of 2022. Why This Economic Cycle is Different for Trucking
  3. Advice
    Why do some rideshare drivers complain about any gross revenue per mile that's under $1.00 USD? Also, what's magical about $1.00? They've been bleating and parroting this "$1 per mile" phrase since Barack was in office and well before everyone was talking about post-pandemic recovery inflation...
  4. Advocacy
    Do you support this vision for the (rideshare and app-based delivery services) industry?
  5. Advocacy
    What's going on here? Creative math/accounting?
  6. Advice
    Here's a spot to share your personalized Quest incentive values for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Show us all just how horrendous Uber is to you.
  7. Advice
    What are the real origins of the oft-repeated $1/mile minimum acceptance criteria? Like who started it (like an old timer taxi driver)? What year did it start getting air play? Does it predate Uber in the earliest US cities?
  8. Advice
    I've learned something here: Paid shills notwithstanding, the commenters here who are highly critical of the compensation structure typically have something in common: tunnel vision. That's shorthand for saying that they're exceedingly concerned with only this particular offer/request alone or...
  9. UK
    Hi, I have received an offer from Uber for compensation. Then I have attended the webinar. but I haven't heard since I have attend the webinar. I have contacted them thought the email available in the in the portal. but I only receive automated answer. Any have similar experience please...
  10. Dallas
    Ants, I feel all of the frustration from the ants stemming from pay rates and I do believe pay is too low to be profitable in the long run. I would like to have a thoughtful conversation around this topic instead of ranting with system 1 knee-jerk commentary about simply raising rates as if that...
  11. Canberra
    https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.canberratimes.com.au/national/act/people-are-crying-to-me-on-the-phone-taxi-owners-face-bankruptcy-20180918-p504i1.html 'People are crying to me on the phone': Taxi owners face bankruptcy By Daniel Burdon 19 September 2018 - 12:00am Talking points The ACT...
  12. Canberra
    Today (Monday 20 November 2017) Uber sent me an email advising a special payment related to app problems on 10 November. The amount I received was $15.42. Hi Jack, On November 10, you may have noticed a brief service interruption. While we fixed the issue quickly, we appreciate your patience...
  13. Austin
    I recently got approached from a local company to wrap my car. They would pay for the wrap and compensate me on a monthly basis as long as I continue to drive Uber on the weekends. Has anyone else been approached by companies offering this? I'm intreagued as I could use the extra cash.
  14. Melbourne
    http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/taxi-drivers-to-pay-income-tax-on-licence-compensation/news-story/ad6f1dd9b1da35a76c90c588b1940793 This article is behind a paywall but the following paragraph provides the gist. The article also mentions that the Victorian Public Transport...
  15. Advice
    Is Uber serious about improving driver relations or is "180 Days of Change" merely a gimmick to give the appearance of change without any real substance? Adding Tipping, while the single most asked for change by drivers, will not have as significant impact as many others. Here are a few examples...
  16. News
    http://time.com/money/4845407/uber-drivers-really-make-per-hour/?xid=homepage Here's How Much Uber Drivers Really Make TIME (time.com) MONEY July 10, 2017 by Rob Wile How much money do Uber drivers really earn? Since launching in 2009, the company has often changed its pricing model, and the...
  17. Advice
    July 10, 2017 Excerpt from Time.com article: ""The most recent earnings study comes from loan company Earnest, which used loan application data that included Uber earnings to show that Uber can be among the most lucrative platforms for "gig economy" workers. The median Uber driver makes $155...
  18. Advice
    Do you think Uber, Lyft and the others do a good job in reducing the amount of unloaded miles driven by each driver in a work day?
  19. Advice
    Gas prices have been rising steadily for the last few weeks and most predictions are gas prices will continue to rise 40 cents per gallon or more by summer. This directly affects the profitability and effective net pay of rideshare drivers and delivery drivers, who are independent contractors...
1-20 of 30 Results