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  1. Complaints
    My biggest pet peeve is picking up at apartment complexes. I already know that if I am picking up or dropping off at an apartment complex I am either taking you to or from work and I will not be receiving a tip. At the very least, we can at least make things speedy so that I can move on to my...
  2. UberEATS
    Nowadays "Common Sense" is a freaking super-power. I drive for Uber-Eats and I swear to beans .... I've never dealt with so many super stupid @ss people. A few examples: People ordering food and want it delivered to a community that is gated and either do not have gate access information or...
  3. Cincinnati
    I've heard some bad things about Uber drivers from riders, about their cleanliness, their car's cleanliness, having no idea how to follow their gps, and doing drugs with the riders. While I think that's all a shame and could easily be avoided, I actually witnessed something tonight and had to...
1-4 of 4 Results