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  1. London
    If you haven't signed up to BOLT yet, I recommend you do! You get 7.5% commission for two months if you have you account activated by friday! They seem like a pretty good alternative to Uber and Kapten - went in last week and the staff were great!
  2. Sydney
    I checked Ola’s “Ride Earning Breakup” for a trip I did today and noticed that they are now charging drivers 22.5% commission, not the 15% they notified us about by email. The per km amount has now dropped from $1.34 (under the introductory 7.5%) to $1.23 (at 15%) to $1.12. See attached...
  3. Chicago
    I'm starting another thread on fake surge and the disconnect between Uber charges to pax and payment to driver- both topics that have been discussed ad nauseum (a tip of the hat to my friend ad nauseum). But I think I'm adding something to the conversation and I'm sure many on here will...
  4. Sydney
    Would like to know if there are any drivers still on the 20% commission rate out there? If it's true that only 4% remain after 1 year of driving then I'm guessing there's only a handful of ants on 20%. Honestly 25% or 1/4 is too much for the service Uber provide. If uber really did have the...
1-4 of 4 Results