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  1. Surge
    Bottom line - the multiplier surge is dead (for drivers). You need to look at the $ add-on as more like a "commission" from Uber on your rides that they charged the pax the multiplier surge ... Commissions, typically, are a percentage (%) of the original charge; whereas surge was a multiplier...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    35% commission, which seems to be normal lately.
  3. New York City
    Hi everyone, I have been contacting uber for the commission that they take is over 35 percent on my trips , what they told me is they don't take commission take difference between our pay and rider pay . So we work for 1.25$ Per mile, 35 cents per minute. we are cheaper 50 percent than a yellow...
  4. News
    Looks like Taxify launched this week in London. Only taking a 15% cut instead of 25% Screenshot is from CNBC news story 3 days ago. Could this be the beginning of higher pay? Holding my breath....
  5. Tampa
    Just ran across this article and am curious if anyone is aware of this commission discount. "Uber takes less of a commission for military-veteran driver"... https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/my-dad-became-an-uber-driver-170616718.html may be just a rumor but it MAY be a secret discount that...
  6. Pay
    EMPLOYEE LEAK: In breaking news Uber is reportedly introducing a flat-fee commission structure for all drivers. The San Francisco based company will replace the current 20-25% commission rate with a 'booking fee' of 60-90 cents per booking depending on city. The new pricing structure is said to...
1-6 of 6 Results