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  1. Insurance
    So, I bought a car on Monday and went to get it insured on Tuesday. I had previously read that my insurer, Geico, could help me. NOT! Geico does not cover ride share in Arizona - they told me I needed Commercial Insurance which would have been hundreds of dollars a month, to include a base...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Can Tesla model Y take a commercial loan and commercial insurance for Uber black?
  3. New York City
    The other day I left my car on W 14th St between 9th ave and 10th ave and got towed and a Ticket for parking on a commercial spot( red area see image). I was extra confident because I have parked before on the blue area(see the image), but on this time It was any space available on there. So I...
  4. Lyft
    https://www.forbes.com/sites/willburns/2018/12/19/new-lyft-ad-is-both-a-yep-and-a-nope-but-mostly-nope/amp/ Nope/Yup but mostly NOPE! Our hero then continues to drive backwards down a busy highway, dangerously bobbing and weaving around oncoming traffic. As he drives incredibly recklessly...
  5. Vehicles
    Greetings i want to buy multiple vehicles under a business. I am wondering where I can go for financing and how I can get commercial insurance that is reasonably priced. Does anybody have any experience with this type of financing? and also this type of insurance?
  6. Richmond
    I may be relocating to a more metropolitan area on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia (burbs, 20 minutes from downtown). I have a career in mind but, at 36 - let's face it, I'm getting old. Tossing around the idea of going commercial to avoid the rideshare nonsense. Curious to hear from...
  7. Licensed
    What's up ...... for 2018? GOT!! news, info or changes to suggest for 2018? Will Uber be adding or limiting CDL/Limo/Black Drivers in your area? Which SUV's and insurance are you using. Most of all, vote, for the highest TL $$$ mode in 2018? Black, SUV, Select or XL?
  8. Advice
    hi its been 2 weeks and my profile says onboarding. i live in long island ny. i questioned them and they said i need commercial insurance. before i tried uber eats in the same location and it all cleared the. when i opened the app it said your vehicle is not allowed in this area. why is uber...
  9. Lyft
    Anyone see that ridiculous ad they're running (on NBCSN), presumably aimed at Uber, about safety. Could they be any more out of touch? Could they maybe spend that money paying the drivers more or how about updating their antiquated app? Give them credit though, at least their pickup PIN location...
  10. Raleigh-Durham
    Hi Uber drivers , Uber technical support representatives My problem is that I cann't get any requests from the airport , I drive uber xl livery which is uber xl with commercial tags " for hire plates ", basically my car disappears whenever I request my car at the airport. The following...
  11. Raleigh-Durham
  12. Perth
    If uber cars and others are to change number plates to the rumoured CV plates, and the possibility of commercial insurance (?), amongst other changes, how many of my fellow uber drivers will be dropping out?
  13. Insurance
    PLEASE post any current, and verified information regarding FLORIDA's auto insurance situation, related to "ridesharing". As of the last 24 hours (April 28th 2016), the following auto insurance companies, for auto insurance in the state of FLORIDA, regarding "RIDESHARE" endorsement, or, related...
  14. Raleigh-Durham
    Just wondering what the cost is to get that kind of coverage? I haven't seen any gap coverage or hybrid auto policies in NC. Commercial insurance might be too expensive for a strictly part-timer.
  15. Chicago
    Hi everyone! My name is Sean Omar - i am an agent with Liberty Mutual insurance. I know a lot of you have concerns whether or not your insurance company accepts uber drivers or not, whether to get a commercial policy or not, etc. I personally insure over 350 rideshare drivers and have worked...
1-15 of 15 Results