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  1. San Diego
    Not sure how the rest of my fellow Uber and Lyft drivers are doing today during Conic Con. Let me just say that I’ve been getting a lot of cheap people. They hardly ever tip, and the ones that do slap me in the goddamn face with one ****ing dollar. I’d rather shove it up their asses.
  2. San Diego
    Are you going to drive? I usually avoid that weekend entirely. Sometimes more days in fact. I don’t even drive Thursday all the way through Sunday when it’s going on. I don’t know what you guys feel about it, but I just don’t like driving on that Event. I’m sure it makes good money, but I’ve...
  3. San Diego
    Read an article today that Harbor Drive will be closed to all vehicles from First ave to Park Blvd during COMIC con. They will not be allowing any rideshare in the area. Rideshare will have to drop off outside of the blocked off area. There will not be a designated drop off/pickup area. Also...
  4. Lyft
    Hey everyone! I drove for Comic Con San Diego because of a bonus system Lyft offered: namely, $50 per day I give 10 rides or more (4 days total so up to $200), and $100 on top of that if I did ten rides in that area all four days. I earned the full $300 bonus, but they only paid me $150. When...
  5. San Diego
    Hello all, This will be my first year working during comic con. I hear everyone talking about how it's the best time to work. What is to be expected? It seems to me that it will just be awful traffic anywhere downtown. Does it surge consistently from Thursday-Sunday everywhere in the city...
1-5 of 5 Results