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  1. Philadelphia
    Went out for a drive last night around 8PM and the Uber app couldn't stop beeping and surging the entire time around my neighborhood! Made around $200 in less than 4 hours! If you want to make some good money please come to Villanova University Surroundings; I feel that we all should help each...
  2. Connecticut
    Uber Hotspots & High Demand Hours in Fairfield County High-Demand Areas in Fairfield County Connecitcut: Downtown Stamford Downtown Fairfield Fairfield University (use Loyola entrance after 10 PM) Metro North Train Stations Sacred Heart University University of Bridgeport Colleges closed...
  3. Providence
    Pick up some kids near PC and they wanted to be dropped off on campus, it was about 25 degrees, had to scan a card to get in, brought them to the dorm building and immediately had another fair come in. A security officer saw me and said uber couldn't be on campus, and that I could get banned...
1-3 of 3 Results