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  1. Cleveland & Akron
    This morning, Friday, I went online for a couple hours. There was barely any surge showing in Cleveland or the eastern suburbs on Uber when during the morning snowstorm and extreme cold temperatures. I picked up a woman with Lyft in Wickliffe and she said that the wait for a driver was so long...
  2. Chicago
    Some people might not care at all about the weather. But if you care about your earnings and when to or not to drive you might care about it. So it looks like after a few “good” winters of rather mild temps and little snow, it appears both shoes are dropping in a big way and we are returning...
  3. UberEATS
    I don't respond well to bullies - in that I don't let them bully me I tend to extract myself from the situation. Tonight, I was taken aback by the sheer rudeness of a shopkeeper I was taking TWO deliveries from. I've been there for deliveries before and he seemed okay - I was alway polite and...
  4. Chicago
    We all know NYE is tomorrow and its been discussed in just about every way possible. But, I think tonight has the possibility to provide usual Saturday evening demand, if not busier than normal. 1. The obvious: Its Saturday, its cold, and snow on the ground (I've seen many vehicles in which...
  5. Australia
    If you have a bad cold or the flu, do you continue to drive passengers? If you do, do you wear a medical mask?
  6. Advice
    I live in a warm climate where water bottles warm up very quickly sitting in my car. I've been using a cooler with ice packs in the back to keep them cold but this often gets in the way, especially if the pax needs to haul luggage. Is there a more minimal option? I am also finding one of the...
1-6 of 7 Results