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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Guys, please give me your thoughts about this situation and on what to do next time incase this happens again : Here goes my story : About 3 or 4 months back at around 1 am, i got a Ping, went to pick up the pax, and got this dude standing infront of his house . He didnt get into the car, but...
  2. Stories
    I had an interesting trip the other night. Picked up a rider from a residence and transported to a location near a park at about 2300 hrs. The guy got out where two other guys were and walked up to them. I drove on down a little ways and turned around. As I was driving past them, one of the...
  3. Advice
    If you are of the opinion that Uber treats its independent-contractor-drivers poorly then consider what is done to their employees. I wonder if the Greenlight Hubs are any better. Cocaine and groping - bombshell report on Uber's work environment makes it sound awful and full of bros...
  4. Charlotte
    I had three passengers do lines of cocaine in my car whether I wanted them to or not apparently a lot of kids these days are into Coke. I had no idea but that's what's going on out there.
1-4 of 4 Results