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  1. Columbus
    Yes as a title sat..I was waiting in the airport queue for an hour and I got regular request not to the airport..my queue was indicate that is 20-11 cars in queue and I got that damn terrible request..this is my first week with uber is this normal or some mistake in the system or I'm an idiot...
  2. Columbus
    Anyone else having issues getting in queue at CMH? I've tried going online/offline, switching apps, closing app while online. Also, I've seen surges happen three times today, is that normal? How does that happen? Lay some CMH knowledge on me!
  3. Columbus
    After finally figuring out where the Uber/Lyft FIFO area was (thanks for the advice UberHammer), I slowly started to notice some issues with CMH's Rideshare setup I started picking up pax at the curb close to the door not knowing there was an area designated for Rideshare drivers, I have not...
1-3 of 3 Results