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  1. Cleveland & Akron
    Is it worth it? Do people request confort rides? I’ve recently started ubering again and noticed Uber is very busy right now because nobody wants to spend money on gas. So a Tesla should solve that problem. But then again nearly $400 per week for a a rental is a lot. Back when I used to Uber...
  2. Pay
    I am trying to decide whether it is worth getting a new vehicle to drive UberBlack. I live in Cleveland, Ohio and always see UberBlack vehicles at the airport, but wanted to know if it is worth doing. The rates I got from Uber support were $0.60/mile UberX, $0.63/mile Uber Comfort, $1.65/mile...
  3. Cleveland & Akron
    This morning, Tuesday January 29th, the freezing temps should invoke surge. I have been watching the map all morning and basically nothing. East Cleveland has shown no surge for the entire morning thus far, Euclid shows no surges thus far, and this is considering the temps and that these areas...
  4. Cleveland & Akron
    This morning, Friday, I went online for a couple hours. There was barely any surge showing in Cleveland or the eastern suburbs on Uber when during the morning snowstorm and extreme cold temperatures. I picked up a woman with Lyft in Wickliffe and she said that the wait for a driver was so long...
  5. Introductions
    Hey, All! New-ish driver in Canton, OH! I work a full-time job, and do this after work most nights. So far I'm LOVING the extra couple hundred a week!! Any other Canton drivers have any input? :)
  6. Cleveland & Akron
    So I had contacted lyft/Uber about discounts at dealerships for working for either or. They said to basically try and find some out on my own. Has anybody had any experience with any local dealerships in the Cleveland area?
  7. Cleveland & Akron
    im very new to ride sharing and was hoping to get some ideas of what people’s schedules look like making around $600 a week? I love and drive in Cleveland oh. Thanks for your time!
  8. Buffalo & Rochester
    Ohio, Pennsylvania, Canada, Cleveland, Chicago, or elsewhere? Maybe you are visiting the area, but normally drive elsewhere. What happened when you turned on your driver-App? What advise do you have for new Uber drivers in and around Buffalo & Rochester?
  9. Cleveland & Akron
    Hi Cleveland drivers, I'm a fellow driver (DC area), and am hoping to enlist your help. A good friend's brother is currently missing in your area. Would you please keep your eyes out for this young man? His name is Anthony Rami, he's from Berea, and his family is worried sick about him...
  10. Cleveland & Akron
    In case anyone pick up in East Bank of Flats, Uber sent designated areas for Drivers to wait and pick up message with map via through platform of app... West 10th, roundabout by Coastal Taco and Beerhead... See attached pics of message.
  11. News
    http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2017/05/yellow_cab_co_of_cleveland_clo.html Yellow Cab Co. of Cleveland closing after 90 years in business 26 May 2017 / Cleveland.com CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Yellow Cab Co. of Cleveland is shutting down after 90 years in business, a victim, the owner...
  12. Cleveland & Akron
    Airport Closed. Warned a few drivers (one argued lol). I was there and kicked out with everyone else. ALL ACCESS TO RIDESHARE & DEPARTURES BLOCKED. AS OF 2:40 pm ENTIRE AIRPORT CLOSED.
  13. Cleveland & Akron
    Does anyone know of good local options to rent from private owners or fleet managers? Or any buy-here-pay-here with good rates and low or no down payment options? I've checked into Turo and HyreCar, but want some other flexible options. Also, I can't find any information on Uber's Xchange...
  14. Cleveland & Akron
    I've been with Uber for a little over a year and recently switched to a select only account which I hear is rare these days. Does anybody else have a select only account? And because it's select only is there NOT a que like Uber x in the Uber parking lot at the airport? Does this mean the closer...
  15. Denver
    This is how it is done. I drove this traffic circle at 16, no problem. Yet failed my 1st road test months later. It's idiot-proof. Low on lines and arrows, high on common sense and slight courtesy. Pepper Pike, OH. In the woods.
  16. Cleveland & Akron
    Question for anyone who's driven on New Years Eve in Cleveland before - how much did you make and how many hours did you drive? How many rides did you give? I've driven for uber for a few months now part time (and when I say part time, I mean very sparingly- I've been tight on money lately so I...
  17. Cleveland & Akron
    Hi there! I'm the transportation reporter for The Plain Dealer, and I'm writing a story about UberEATs in Cleveland. If you're driving for UberEATS and interested in being in a story, please message me or call me at 216-870-0280. Thanks!
  18. Cleveland & Akron
    As in, how do I pick folks up/where do I park/how to deal with traffic, stuff like that. Say I'm picking someone up from a restaurant downtown but there's no readily obvious places to park. My fear is that I might stop too soon and have someone rear end me, or pass by the customer entirely. I'm...
  19. Cleveland & Akron
    "area Uber drivers hoping for a boost in their business from the influx of out-of-towners have expressed disappointment in the lack of surge pricing and the glut of fellow drivers on the road, posting their gripes on forums and on social media." "The long trips that drivers also like because...
1-20 of 37 Results