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  1. Canberra
    Note the last sentence. This comes from the Sydney forum (per @Mulder99): https://uberpeople.net/threads/tips-removed-from-cleaning-fee-claim.342417/.
  2. Seattle
  3. Advice
    So I've been driving for a while. I always drive late at night--it's the only time it's busy in this college town. Lots of people make messes (puking out window, into window, getting food/drink in car etc). I always report messes--basically anything that makes me have to go offline to scrub or...
  4. Stories
    On St Patty's day this year, I was surprised to get only $80 for the same damage that last year paid $150. In this case, the puker got the outside of the door, the inside, and also down into the window where it meets the door. Photos were clear. Last year I was paid a $40 cleaning fee for...
1-4 of 4 Results