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  1. New Jersey
    A drunk passenger decided to leave his muddy tracks all in my car and all over my dashboard......I didnt realize his pants were dirty when he sat in my car.....I take pics and send them to uber they gave me a 20 dollar cleaning fee in return......So naturally the passenger gives me a one star it...
  2. Canberra
    As per Ola PitStop of 5 October 2018: Cleaning Policy advice Ola Australia are happy to support Drivers and provide reimbursement for cleaning*. Policy for reimbursement of cleaning fee is as follows: 1. You must report the issue real-time (or) within 1 (one) hour of completing the booked...
  3. Houston
    So over the weekend I had a PAX leave a mess in my car. (They had an entire Yeti of Vodka spill in my back seat as they were exiting my car). I reported it to UBER and they processed a cleaning fee which was $160 charged to the PAX. Well today I looked at my rating and I have my first 1* which I...
  4. Advice
    I was not aware that Uber changed its policy on driver reimbursement for cleaning, apparently defining 5 damage levels and a fixed dollar amount for each. Effectively reducing the previous maximum driver reimbursement. Some drivers take preventive measures, described in several threads on this...
  5. Stories
    Out of 1300 Rides only 2 pukers. Pics of one of the incidents. Another serious story included.
1-6 of 6 Results