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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Your car's interior can say a lot about you https://www.theglobeandmail.com/drive/mobility/article-your-cars-interior-can-say-a-lot-about-you/ "A messy car can have fallout in your personal life. A 2020 poll of 2,000 Americans conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Meguiars, a manufacturer...
  2. Advice
    Hello Uber/Lyft fam. I hope everyone is staying healthy and making the best of all this craziness. Forgive me if there is some other tread on this subject but I had a difficult time finding the answer. Since Lysol spray and wipes are nearly impossible to find, how is everyone staying safe? I...
  3. Vehicles
    Any recommendations for glass cleaners that don't leave streaks and come in resealable packs of wipes that fit in the glove box?
  4. Minneapolis
    Hello! I know we're all a bunch of cheapskates, but any drivers need some detailing on their vehicles? Or, have some headlights that have seen better days and need a little help? I've got a garage for a goodies. Leave a comment or message me if you're interested.
  5. Washington DC
    Last night a beloved passenger started eating directly behind me. Since I could hear it crunching (meaning crumbs), in my kindest tone, I said, "please do not eat in my vehicle. I don't have time to clean between passengers." She said, "Sorry and I hear wrappers crumpling up." After dropping...
  6. Stories
    Cops and DoNuts. Urban legend has it police are donut afficiando's. Not so in this case. An officer mistook Crispy Creme donut Glaze that flaked off one of their tasty DoNuts as Crystal Methamphetamine ! The offending donut Glaze was tested,and confirmed by the testing kit as being the drug...
  7. Advice
    i know uber is good on billing people for puking in my car but my question here is should i if the damage is minor? it got on the door ,,, some in the cup holder and a little bit on the carpet- i was able to clean it with household supplies but it took me offline for 30 min should i charge...
  8. Vehicles
    How do you keep your vehicles clean ? I just leased a vehicle and I don't want the interior to get destroyed. Any advice? Good seat covers? Detailing?
  9. Atlanta
    I want to keep my car clean and get it washed exterior and interior at least twice a week. Can anyone recommend a quality car wash location in metro Atlanta that offers a monthly unlimited package?
  10. Sacramento
    Hello Sacramento Uber/Lyft drivers, Brand new car wash is giving free car washes through Saturday. I got mine washed this morning (even though it is a damp gloomy day) Excellent car wash!!! Vaccuum also.... It is on Highway 99 and Sheldon Road. Just drive around the back of the New McDonalds...
  11. New Jersey
    All new drivers need serious advice !!! You guys have no idea the damage you are creating for other drivers. Let's begin with my story , yesterday I requested an uber x to go to an eye doctor's appointment; first, the car was disgusting dirty; second, the guy looks like he just did an oil...
  12. Advice
    Uber is better than taxi, actually depends on driver. A driver can drive a Cadillac and still be rude to customers. So why is uber better than taxi. - Uber cars are usually newer and in better condition...usually. **Compared to most taxis that are 90% of the time the old Crown Victoria...
1-12 of 12 Results