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  1. Las Vegas
    Hello Everyone! I have recently moved to Las Vegas, and started driving Uber (for Rideshare) a couple weeks ago. Today I finally successfully applied and paid for a Clark County Business license online (already have the NV business license). How long until I receive the Clark County business...
  2. Las Vegas
    I received the paperwork from the state for my business license, paid $25 for the Clark Co. License ( orange one),& have not received it. Any ideas on my next step? Thank you..
  3. Las Vegas
    I've been told by Uber and Lyft that I have six months to get the State and County business licenses. But I have a funny feeling if the cops ask to see my business licenses, they won't accept "Hey I still have 3 months to go." as an excuse to not having my business licenses. I have my state...
  4. Las Vegas
    Just a heads up, for all of us Vegas drivers. The Clark County business license ($25) expired yesterday. The county licenses are NOT one year from the day you get them, but based on the fiscal year. Even if you just signed up in October, those licenses are expired as of yesterday, November 1...
  5. Las Vegas
    It did me. It cost me $50 for my license(s) since I work for Uber and Amazon Flex and Get Me. They told me I needed one license to deliver people and one to deliver goods. The slightly revised application they provided when I arrived had three boxes to choose from, goods, people and services. I...
  6. Las Vegas
    Application forms for Clark County Business License ($25) are now available on their website.
1-6 of 6 Results