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  1. Stories
    China will soon launch a state-backed platform for transport which includes services of ride-hailing, cargo trucking, road transport, railway, ferry and flight services, Chinese state media Beijing Daily reported on Wednesday. The online platform, which has completed internal tests, is expected...
  2. News
    Buy American Chinese? If a Chinese company offered better pay and showed respect for American drivers, would they remain patriotically loyal to American-based Uber? Uber is viewed negatively by most drivers because of perceived poor pay and worse treatment. A growing percentage of the public is...
  3. Connecticut
    If you were just sitting around, NOT making money, would you pick up some food from a restaurant and deliver it to someone's house/apartment/workplace for a quick $5-$10? You'll have to park your car at the restaurant and go inside to get the food, but the customer might be able to come out to...
1-3 of 3 Results