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  1. Canberra
    At rideshare lunch today, a driver asked me for an overview of the legal requirements for child restraints in vehicles in the ACT. In doing so, I drew the driver's attention to the relevant part of the Access Canberra website. The relevant law in New South Wales is to the same effect as that...
  2. Lyft
    There’s no drop-down list like there is for Uber. It looks like the best I can do is to select other.
  3. Articles
    A DRIVER TELLS ALL A Driver's Perspective of Getting the Most From Rideshare Services I drive Lyft and Uber. Professional service is my goal - I am a 4.95+ rated driver (Clean roomy Camry Hybrid with leather seats, equipped with multiple phone chargers for passengers, XMRadio, and mints). In...
  4. New Jersey
    Hi Neighbors,, A little bit about me.... I drive in Southern Jersey,,, 198 trips 4.8 rating I like Uber at $0.76 a mile and $0.12 a minute Uber would be perfect to me,, if it was $0.76 a mile and $0.24 a minute with better bonuses,, Better percentage of trips with tips,, I probably get...
  5. Complaints
    Oh what a great parent you are, cheapskates! But you did joyfully sing "Wheels on the Bus" so, everything's ok then!
  6. Washington DC
    Reading on other group. “In front of me, an UBER Driver on a SUV picked up a couple with 2 kids, may be 1 and 3 , no child seat, just on the fathers arms. What would you do?”
  7. Sydney
    Waiting outside a unit for a pax. See a lady coming then see that she is carrying a 2 year old. Great I think. Going to have to tell her that I can't carry kids under 7 blah blah blah..... but as she comes out from behind a parked car see she is carrying a child seat. WooHoo 5 stars she does it...
  8. Chicago
    Yep a rider told me it was my responsibility to have a car seat for his child when I asked them if he had a car seat; child was 2, but child looked younger. The gall! Thanks for the cancellation fee. If I haven't said it enough, don't take the chance. Not your burden to bear. But it could be...
  9. Tampa
    Ok instead of just b______g and venting on everyone else's threads, I figured I'd start my first post and see how it went. Can we get together and come up with a list of ideas for how parents (in any area of the country) can get free or low cost child safety seats? I had yet another brain...
  10. Las Vegas
    So lets get the final word on this subject. I flat out DENY riders with kids under 5 yrs old unless they have their own car seat for their brat(s). One rider had her infant in a seat and belted it in herself like a grown-up. The other two families just stood there with OMG looks on their...
  11. Melbourne
    Sorry guys i'm new to Uber Melbourne, I was just wondering how do we handle the child seat scenario? From what I understand we are supposed to provide a child seat for children under a certain age? Is that right? Does every uber carry a child seat or do uber drivers simply refuse to drive...
  12. San Francisco
    Since Shuddle imploded mid-April, a lot of those rides for unaccompanied minors are going to Zūm, a San Mateo startup. Zum needs drivers all over the SFBay, especially Peninsula and South Bay, and are offering a $100 signup bonus after 10 rides, plus another $100 after 50 (only if you use a...
  13. Toronto (Ontario)
    So o picked up this mother with her kid, the kid looked like 2 years old. I didn't know what to do in regards to the car seat concern, so i drove them anyway. What should I do in the future?
  14. Advice
    2016 Child Seat Laws. Go here (source) and hover over your state to get the details.
  15. Minneapolis
    Saw discussion about this so I looked it up. Looks like an exception for a "car for hire" as long as it is not a rental or lease... What do you guys think? Got the info from MNDOT Child Passenger Safety Child Passenger Restraint Law All children under age 8 must ride in a federally...
1-15 of 15 Results