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  1. Jacksonville
    This must be what these disgusting humans think that i will say when they are toting their toddlers down the stairs of the gov. Assisted housing projects like a bag of laundry under thier arm. Time and time again i will actually get out of the car to show im serious and also to see if someone...
  2. Binghamton & Syracuse
    Check this out to avoid serious risks and additional problems
  3. Complaints
    Many of the drivers are dangerous and you need to take action before someone and a child are killed. I have been cut off at close call riding my bicycle this week by 4 Via cars, massive black cars and 3 Ubers. I've also been a passenger in an Uber that cut off a cyclist who had to slam their...
  4. Chicago
    Yep a rider told me it was my responsibility to have a car seat for his child when I asked them if he had a car seat; child was 2, but child looked younger. The gall! Thanks for the cancellation fee. If I haven't said it enough, don't take the chance. Not your burden to bear. But it could be...
  5. Denver
    How do you handle requests when you get there and it is someone with Littles who should be in a car seat?? For liability reasons, I'm declining rides. I'm surprised Uber seems to allow it because the response i received was that i could politely decline, not that it was against policy, though...
1-5 of 5 Results