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  1. Minneapolis
    So this video was just released on Rideshare Drivers constantly accepting child pax without the proper car/booster seats.....Shocking stuff, but sadly Why am I not surprised? Don't put yourself in a situation where you'll be liable in case of an accident that leaves a child severely injured or...
  2. Charlotte
    In the last week I have had a rash of people wanting rides with small children I am thinking it's part of the holidays but.... I refuse to accept small ones if there is no car/booster seat. Though sometimes I'm not sure if a child is required to use one, LOL I don't keep a scale in my car...
  3. Albany
    Has this happened to you? A fare with a mom without a car seat taking her young child to daycare or the hospital or ... If you protest then she appeals to your compassion and/or declares that many other drivers have done it before. What should you do? Isn't it just another fare? Well consider...
  4. Connecticut
    Mom in a big rush to get her under 7 (can you tell the difference between 6 and 7?) child to day-care before going to work without a child car seat. Maybe she offers a tip, but probably not. Should an UberX or XL even start the ride? Should you tell her to order UberBlack or UberSelect that...
  5. New Orleans
    La. RS RS 32:295 exempts "commercial...taxis" from requiring child seats. But we're not taxis. What is everyone's take on this. I've transported children with their parents without seats (usually tourists) but am reconsidering. I don't want to be a test case for Uber.
  6. Connecticut
    My rating took a hit 2 weeks ago when I told a woman that I did not have a child safety seat in my car and that by law I could not transport her child. Today I picked up a family that was staying in the downtown Bpt Holiday Inn and they had a toddler. I'm not really happy admitting this but they...
1-6 of 6 Results