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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Any one do their background check and driving record check on Uber? Is the check free or is there a cost in 2021? I believe the check is done by Triton Canada.
  2. Advice
    Did anyone receive that too? FTC vs Uber Technology, Inc My check is $218.
  3. Long Island
    Anybody know what the wait time is looking like for the background checks?
  4. Pay
  5. Advocacy
    https://www.corbettreport.com/psyops-101-an-introduction-to-psychological-operations/ This is going on now, this is a report on the Uber Media Alliance. This is a brief on how to counteract. MENU : QUICK REFFERENCEY4 SECTION 1. Dissection of HUFFINGTON post article (see atached)...
  6. New Jersey
    I have been working 4 months now and never received my pay for this week nov 5th. I email them and they told me it was the banks fault..Never happened before. They told me if i dont receive it by tuesday email them back..thats a long time with no check..Any suggestions?
  7. Advice
    My background check is still pending.. and I've been waiting for like 3 weeks now. I can't drive with my background check is still on pending right? I'm seeing some post that they've been driving already and they got an e-mail that their background check just got approved. I'm really confused...
  8. Advice
    I was convicted of wet reckless driving in California in 2014 and my probation is for 2 years. I can get it expunge but I am worried if I would be able to drive for uber after the exxpungement coz the expungement will clear it from my background but not the driving record. I mean it will say...
1-8 of 8 Results