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  1. Washington DC
    I waited over 5 minutes for this woman to come out. She calls me after 6 minutes and tells me she's coming down. I'm thinking let's do a good deed and wait and not cancel. She gets out, but I'm on the other side of the road, she just sits there and waits for me to make an illegal U-turn to come...
  2. Singapore
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  3. Quit
    A few weeks ago, I said I was going to be done with driving for good by early November. Well, it's the 9th, and I'm FREE! After 1,236 rides, countless hours spent waiting all over Colorado Springs and up in Denver for just that one request and tearing out my hair while seeing the screen fill up...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    How many tips do you get, I just checked, in Los Angeles I have given 1359 rides so far an I keep a record of who tips. I have had 4 tips. 1x $20 tip from a woman who was afraid to go to her destination when she saw it, she was a mode and going to agency in a bad city, she paid me $20 to wait 10...