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  1. Chicago
    Has anyone else seen a significant drop in pay for each Uber Eats order? I took a week off and came back and the pay was terrible.
  2. Complaints
    firstly im an Ann Arbor based driver, been driving here since 2014. It's located about 20 to 30 minute freeway drive outside of metro Detroit's suburbs. Detroit itself is about an hour to downtown. Anyways.... Logged into app this evening, noticed the fare guarantee wording now says... "51% of...
  3. Pay
    The UBER experience has been crushed by the latest price cuts. XL is a loss. The rate cuts have "cheapened" the UBER experience. NO MOTIVATION TO DRIVE. Sitting out this Saturday night for the first time since I started driving. THERE'S NOTHING IN IT FOR ME.:(
  4. Complaints
    1. Why am i getting UberPool requests with ONLY one party and NOT get a second party to join and so a single party ride I get paid much less which is 75 cents/ mile rate? 2. Minimum fare is $5 if the client travels 2 miles out of the $5 why do I get paid ONLY $2.60 and uber takes $2.40? with...
  5. Quit
    A few weeks ago, I said I was going to be done with driving for good by early November. Well, it's the 9th, and I'm FREE! After 1,236 rides, countless hours spent waiting all over Colorado Springs and up in Denver for just that one request and tearing out my hair while seeing the screen fill up...
  6. San Diego
    I'm Glad to hear some of you guys had some good days lately. I used to sometimes have days like those but it feels like a far and distant memory. Let me tell you about how my Saturday sucked in a major way with UBER. 8:23 AM: First fare to San Ysidro Border - Decent guy going to Mexico for the...
1-6 of 6 Results