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  1. London
    Hello everybody. Im 12 years experienced driver located by Heathrow. Have been through all major companies as a company driver, the last one being Crawfords for the last three years. This year I hired an e class and signed to AddLee, Wheely and Driven, planning Excel as well and hoping for...
  2. London
    Anyone know of any chauffeur or taxi firms with work available for myself. I have a hired Mercedes E class 16 plate. London.
  3. London
    Hi, just looking for a bit of advice on exec company knowledge tests. I know a lot of the big firms have some type of test and wondered if anyone has experience of this and possibly some insight into what to expect.
  4. Las Vegas
    Hello Chauffeurs, We are ProDriver and we are looking to contract with 100 Licensed Limousine Operators in Las Vegas this week. ON THE SPOT INTERVIEWS ARE BEING HELD ON March 13th - March 21st We will be in Las Vegas for one week only. We will be recruiting Independent Limousine...
  5. Montreal (French Canada)
    Le BTM (Bureau du Taxi de Montréal) qui fait la police sur l'ile de Montréal m'a confirmé pour courriel que les chauffeurs qui conduisent avant le 29 septembre risquent: 1- une amende de 3700$ 2- saisie du véhicule pour 7 jours 3- perte du permis de conduire pour 7 jours Que peut faire le...
  6. Montreal (French Canada)
    Bonjour le monde de Québec, j'essaie de partager le plus d'information concernant l'entente sur le forum de Montréal. Merci de nous suivre ...
1-6 of 6 Results