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  1. Chicago
    that's a record TWELVE NOW Oh I see why
  2. Columbus
    Columbus,GA? I'm confused on how the cities are set up on this forum. If so are there any columbus ga drivers that want to start a different kinda chat room like, line, what's app, group me or any other suggestions?
  3. Columbus
    Hello all, I'm new to this site but not new as a rideshare driver. I was looking to see if there was a specific chat app that could make this alot easier for Chatting with local drivers within your city. I like this but I think you have to be pretty active to stay up with the conversation and...
  4. Brisbane
    Uber's new in-app chat will help you avoid exchanging creepy texts with your driver It was always a bit weird to wait for your Uber driver and then suddenly receive a text from an unknown number. "Where are you?" Often the driver would skip the anonymous text altogether and just honk their horn...
  5. New Jersey
    Uber is starting to roll out a new in-app chat feature globally today, which will allow riders to send text messages directly to their driver once they book a ride, and vice versa. The new feature replaces the somewhat clunky mechanism of SMS for text communication between rider and driver...
  6. Detroit
    Let's take a break from the road and get together for some yummy sliders! All Uber drivers Welcome!!! We can chat about what we've learned, what we like, our favorite technology, phones, apps and more :) Meet us at Green Dot Stables 2200 West Lafayette, Detroit, Tuesday 4/11/17 at 2:00pm ...
  7. Detroit
    Hi, I'm a new Uber driver and I just thought it would be nice to meet other Uber drivers in person, chat, get some best practices. Do you guys and gals already do something like this or would you like to? I was thinking somewhere downtown
  8. Sydney
    First of all, hi everyone to everyone who contributes regularly to this forum. I've been Ubering for over a year now and thought I'd finally take the plunge and make an account so I too could help out. To the meat of this thread. Do you like chatting with your passengers? After reading through...
  9. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    I haven't taken any trips yet but have finally been activated after an UNBELIEVABLE runaround from Uber with literally dozens of texts, emails, chats and several visits to the Hub; it took me over a month and a half to finally activate because of a glitch in their computer system that read my...
  10. Miami
    Are there any twitter hashtags, lists or groups in south Florida where drives can comunicate in real realtime?
  11. Detroit
    Since Lyft or Uber doesn't have this I've created the following groups on GroupMe App so drivers can communicate while out on the road. (I personally don't do Facebook messenger - hate it). Sometimes it's nice just to say hey or let's meet for the nights stories, or hey I need assistance etc...
  12. London
    Hi guys and girls I think we need a group chat for us and the best app for that is kik I think u all know it so we will open a vote for that and if I see a lot agree to it we will do it and I'll tell you now how to do it and what's the benefits from it. How to do it. I'll post my Kik ID and...
  13. Dallas
    Hey guys, Thought I would create a Kik group chat for the Dallas Drivers. I know everyone has mixed feelings about UBER but if your driving than your doing it for one need or another regardless. Chat will be for making connections and helping eatchother out or maybe just some people to talk to...
  14. Minneapolis
    Does there exist, or is there interest in, a real-time chat for Twin Cities Uber drivers, much like Lyft has? Lyft's is using the LINE app.
1-14 of 17 Results