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  1. Denver
    Hey guys, as most of you are aware, Uber has relaxed the Geofence at DIA. Personally, I love this little perk. If I get hungry, I can run to get something to eat. If I end up in the queue longer than I expected, I can go grab gas. Hell, the fact we can actually use a real bathroom, is very much...
  2. Pittsburgh
    First let me say, my god I love this forum. Now... Today I took a rider to the airport, it was my second passenger of the night and I had a good feeling about today already. No issues there. $25 run. No tip, no biggie. I don't normally do airport pick ups and in my relatively short time as an...
  3. San Francisco
    Yeah, I can't seem to get the timer to pull up in the waiting area of SFO. Anyone else's dealing with this?
1-3 of 3 Results