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  1. Brisbane
    I was really disturbed today & felt really sorry for Tobias, a customer i had today. Tobias is a real estate agent that has multiple clients in the CBD. The massive amounts of cancellations has made him late for lunches, meetings & massage appointments though out the CBD. I picked up Tobias in...
  2. Melbourne
    Hey guys, just looking for some advice. So I got a $161 fine for 'stopping in a no stopping area' on Exhibition Street, Melbourne CBD at 9.11AM. Obviously I was either picking up or dropping off a rider. I went to the website and they had a photo. It shows my car with left indicator on, rear...
  3. Sydney
    I've had a few drop offs, and one pickup, along Goulburn Street, Sydney CBD, near Chinatown, there is no stopping along the whole street it seems. Why do Uber direct us here, and should we just call PAX and ask them to get to a pickup spot? What about drop offs?
  4. Sydney
    Would you listen to your passenger? Oh well, another couple of nights work for this ant. Discuss.
  5. Sydney
    I learned today that only some offences carry double demerit points, so these would just incur usual points. For more information on fines, demerit points and offences see these two links: www.rms.nsw.gov.au/documents/roads/safety-rules/demerits-general.pdf...
  6. Sydney
    Hi Guys, Need your help I was taken right in the CBD couple of times and I was very nervous. Google navigation was playing up in cbd - navigation was at times 15-20 seconds behind in the cbd and kept rerouting for no reason, missed a couple of turns and made me more nervous. On each occasion I...
1-6 of 6 Results