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  1. Advice
    I am in Montreal, can anyone advise me which bank has the fastest payout here in Canada? I am with RBC and I only get the money next day around 4pm.
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    This is a quick straw poll in the local base here to see how many people NEED (as in buy food and other staples) to use PAYFARE or UBER'S Cash-Out system. EVERY DAY. It is intended to give any casual visitor to the forum a sense of 'just how bad' things have gotten in the 'gig' economy in...
  3. Chicago
    Finally back in the saddle! I cashed out about 90 minutes ago. Usually the transfer is instantaneous to my Chase checking account. I actually did an internal transfer just to see if things were working. Of course that's different than a direct deposit. Did anyone else get my $160 around 4 am?
  4. Advice
    My promotion was 30 rides for $40-----40 rides for 40 from Friday 1/18 4AM-Monday 1/21 4AM. I only received $20 after I've completed my 40th ride. I've contacted (f)uber staff with photos included, but they said that the $60 is received in 2 tiers: $40+$20 not $40+$60. I received a reply in my...
  5. New Jersey
    Like the title says. What bank are you using that is currently compatible with both systems? I was using PNC but they disabled the option for both companies after the 10th cashout.
  6. Seattle
    Please reach out to me for discounted RIDE SHARE full coverage packages to save you money per month and initiate a refund with you current insurance provider for cancellation. Also, I am making a contact list of all drivers in Redmond, East-Side and the greater Seattle area for survey incentives...
  7. Advice
    Upon closer inspection, it appears uber is charging me twice for each instant cash out. Sure it's only an extra fifty cents, but it adds up. I have tried emailing them about it, but I have not gotten a real answer.
1-7 of 7 Results