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  1. Melbourne
    I often hear gold talking about cash job in this forum. My question is how do you go about doing this, being on Uber platform?? Any tips/ suggestions. I’m ok with the Tax/GST I pay, however at times I see that for the long drives that I do, I end up earning just a $/km & then drive back that...
  2. New Jersey
    We all have it happen. Someone comes up to our window, knocks & asks us to take them somewhere (close, far, whatever). Other than the obvious traps setup by our buddies at the PA, it seems like easy money & it is; no 20 to 25% cut to Uber or Lyft. And hey, I haven't rubbed paint with anyone...
  3. Complaints
    So I get this email and I know others have received this one. My question is: do you think this is a prelude to get rid of the driver or is it possible riders are really making these accusations? I have never asked anyone for cash or even a tip. I'm insulted. What is their angle? Hi We...
  4. Advice
    Can I request a driver for only for the minimum fare & pay them in cash to my final destination?
1-4 of 4 Results