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  1. London
    Been tho the ignition session in London and the info is ok but.. I get a TFL Licence.. £300 later. *Done* Buy a car which is on the approved list.. but if I have a TFL licence do I have to buy a car that is TFL approved? I live in Harlow and don’t want to buy a new Prius or Hybrid.. and want...
  2. London
    Hi I am just looking into doing Uber driving in London. I have a chronic health problem so I need the flexibility that Uber offers in working flexible hours. What car make, model and year should I buy/lease/rent for London? The TFL guidelines say that the private hire vehicles have to be 5...
  3. San Francisco
    Hi peeps, I've scraped, drank horrible gas station coffee, pee outdoors, ate every dollar menu in the city, hit every PDB and saved approx 3 weeks off for my own 'paternity leave' because we have a new (first!) baby coming into the family. So, my vehicle is available for 3 weeks and a 2nd one...
1-3 of 3 Results