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  1. Advice
    I’m plugged in to my car and also have CarPlay - sometime I get audible alerts, sometime it’s quiet / mute - how do I ensure Uber / Lyft alerts are always audible / on?
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    To iPhone users out there that have upgraded to IOS12: With Tuesday's OS update, Apple finally has allowed 3rd party nav-software to display on CARPLAY enabled cars. Before you were restricted to APPLE MAPS only. Currently GOOGLE MAPS now works on the display and WAZE should arrive very soon...
  3. Technology
    My car has Apple CarPlay installed. When I am online and when connected via USB it overrides my choosing a radio station to listen to while also using Waze to navigate. Figuring out how to play any music is a problem. Anyone figure out how to work with CarPlay smoothly?
1-3 of 3 Results