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  1. St. Louis
    Is there any particular place we should be picking up and dropping off at Busch on game day?
  2. St. Louis
    Hi - I'm a newbie and have been working the Cardinals games both dropping off and after games. The cabs seem to have the best pickup spot (taxi lane) on Broadway. Is there an ideal spot to instruct pax to be for easy pickup? I've been using Clark and 8th, but the traffic is maddening. Doubling...
  3. St. Louis
    I drove Friday night, when there were simultaneous Blues and Cardinal games. I thought there might be a lull after the games started, but I was busy all night, with many long trips. There wasn't much surge that I saw, 1.5x or so for short periods, and of course the only surge ride I got was a...
1-3 of 3 Results