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  1. Brisbane
    Uber put the maximum vehicle age up from 10yrs to 12yrs, now 15yrs! Wow! 15yr old rust bucket driven by drivers who aren’t being paid enough to maintain them. We all know the once a year check isn’t enough…
  2. Advice
    Hi All, today went Haval Dealership and test Drive the Haval Jolion Ultra very comfy and smooth.it come with 7 years warranty and not worry about engine or other electronic, and its 1.5 Litter Patrol. the price is $31000 Aus Dollar .my question is it eligible to driver for Uber and i have...
  3. Vehicles
    Hi all! If i get the new Lincoln Aviator, does it qualify for uber black SUV, here in California? I have a friend in Illinois and he said is eligible there, any thoughts?
  4. Advice
    Hi. I'm new to this forum and have been doing Uber Eats in NYC for about a year now. I was using HyreCar to have a vehicle to do courier work with but my account is on hold with them at the moment as I am in the process of clearing up an issue with them. Since I was paying around $30-50 daily to...
  5. News
    California is ready to pull the plug on gas vehicles SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - California will ban the sale of new gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks in 15 years, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday, establishing a timeline in the nation's most populous state that could force U.S...
  6. Chicago
    Can I use Ford F150 for uber?
  7. Advice
    Spoiler: This thread isn't just about smells It's 6am. They get in your car. Suddenly it smells like alcohol oozing out of their pores. They have actually been sleeping for 5 hours, their last drink was almost 8 hours ago. We won't go into details about what they did for the 3 hours...
  8. New Jersey
    I was drooping off a family at their house and their kids found an iPhone in my car and couple said some pax must have forgotten or accidentally dropped off in the car and they gave it to me. I was hoping pax must contact me either via Lyft or Uber since it is an expensive iPhone. The iPhone...
  9. Vehicles
    Hello, I’m wanting to lease my vehicle to an Uber driver in Christchurch, my Toyota Prius is 2013 and its cof expires on the 21 July, Very economical nice driving car
  10. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Love, Death & Robots.... Sounds like a the love child of Uber & Self Driving Cars... ... but actual a Netflix Series - " Dark comedy converge in this anthology of animated stories...". 6-17 minute shorts with good twists at the end, clever writing, and animation that makes you think. Well, I...
  11. Melbourne
    No! I don't want extras, just a bloody car wash!
  12. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hi, I'm new to the city and have been job hunting for a while. I figured in the mean time I should start driving uber to keep things moving. I've been advised to buy an used car 2009 and newer for as low as 5k to make this gig work. However, I don't know a lot about cars and their working...
  13. News
    https://www.oregonlive.com/tylt/2019/01/is_it_okay_to_eat_in_an_uber_o.amp You would never whip out a hamburger in your friend's car without asking if it was okay, right? The same goes for Ubers and Lyfts. Your food stinks up the car for the rest of the day, affecting drivers' business and...
  14. Seattle
    After 2 days of "What the hell is that smell??" and after checking all door pockets and looking under the seats, I decided to bite the bullet and do a sniff check on my seats and carpet. As I was sniffing the floor carpet behind the driver's seat, my eyes caught the sight of something unusual...
  15. Technology
    Toyota is one of the only car manufacturers not to have Android Auto in the newer models due to privacy concerns. Rumor has it 2019 Avalon may have it.
  16. Vehicles
    Before you comment how stupid you are for buying a new car :( for Ride Share. This post is about, the type of vehicle you would buy in the 2019 category. What Make and Model and why :D
  17. Sydney
    Please give your inputs from your experiences as am planning to buy a Toyota Corolla for ridesharing? Thanks
  18. Australia
    If I buy a car for $16,000 on 01/12/2018 and do UBER. Can I put it as GST on purchases at the end of this GST quarter which is 31/12/2018?
  19. News
    https://www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/uber-rival-promises-a-golden-supercar-surprise-for-app-customers-a4001606.html%3famp The London based company behind the service, called miwhip, promises to allocate one of its fleet of high performance "minicabs" for every 100th journey booked through...
1-20 of 112 Results