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  1. New York City
    2 weeks ago the car wash on Bushwick between the Jackie Robinson and Popeyes washed me but last Thursday they were only changing oil. Any place consistently open? Or even a self-wash hose machine?
  2. Canberra
    (https://www.iconwater.com.au/My-Home/Saving-Water/When-can-I-water/Permanent-Water-Conservation-Measures.aspx) From the Icon Water website: Permanent Water Conservation Measures The ACT and Queanbeyan have had Permanent Water Conservation Measures in place since 2010... The Measures are...
  3. Las Vegas
    Terrible's car wash $49.99 a month good deal ??? Do they do a good job ??? What's included???
  4. Vehicles
    Hi guys! I couldn't find this topic on the forum, so I was thinking that it could be a good idea to open one... So.. how often do you clean your car? Where? How much do you usually pay? Are you happy with the service? Really curious to find out your answers! Have a good one!
  5. Houston
    Hi, I often drive around the George Bush Airport area.Does anyone know a good carwash? I am looking for a self service coin operated one. When I asked Google about it, Google gave me a lot of expensive hand wash service ones. I am looking for a cheap one which I pay only 4 or 5 quarters.
  6. Advice
    Hey for the free wash and interior cleaning at Delta Sonic, does anyone know how you enroll to get that service? I'm already signed up as a driver and such and when I went to click on where it mentioned I could get that service it brought me no where. I've contacted Uber and all they told me was...
  7. Advice
    I used to buy a monthly car wash pass for about $20 a month. Problem is there was always a line and just took too long. Now I go to the self car wash and only spend $1.50 a week and it takes less than 5 minutes. Plus it's open 24 hours. Key is not to use soap. Just put in your quarters and set...
  8. New York City
    Lets compile a list wanna be ready when pax cause probs
  9. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello guys, Could you please suggest how to save on car wash? Currently I'm spending $11 /wash and it's too much! Appreciate your valuable tips on it
  10. Vehicles
    Last week one of my passengers accidentally kicked one of the floor mats out of the car and closed the door on it. My rear mats are a real mess. Came across Eagle Klaw car mat clips. Has anyone used them? Are they easy to install and how well do they work?
  11. Miami
    Hey guys, where is the best place to get a car wash/vacuum if you live in miami/south beach/wynwood? Somewhere that is cheap or has a monthly pass? Any suggestions much appreciated!
  12. Las Vegas
    I'm curious as to how often you guys tend to get wash's or details for your cars? I drove uber for about 2 years (part time) in Los Angeles and recently moved out to Vegas for a job at an auto spa. Wanted to see what you all typically pay to get the work done and see if maybe something can be...
  13. Raleigh-Durham
    Where does everyone get their cars cleaned? Anywhere that has unlimited car washes? What about oil changes and general car maintenance? Share your thoughts please .
  14. Sydney
    So its the new car wash close to Airport in their first week of operation. I have used their services and would rate them 4.9 star lol. The deal looks like this. Car washed cleaned inside out with usual hand cleaned, dried, tyre shine, perfume/ freshner sprayed etc. Free coffee / tea (good...
  15. Atlanta
    I want to keep my car clean and get it washed exterior and interior at least twice a week. Can anyone recommend a quality car wash location in metro Atlanta that offers a monthly unlimited package?
  16. Sacramento
    Hello Sacramento Uber/Lyft drivers, Brand new car wash is giving free car washes through Saturday. I got mine washed this morning (even though it is a damp gloomy day) Excellent car wash!!! Vaccuum also.... It is on Highway 99 and Sheldon Road. Just drive around the back of the New McDonalds...
  17. Washington DC
    I was driving back from WALMART getting some *Meguiars Quik Interior Detailer™ and I saw the Germantown Auto Salon on Rt 118 and decided to give them a go. I got to say it was a great experience from start to finish. The young lady, Destiny, who was working the cashier both was incredibly...
  18. Las Vegas
    Quick & Clean $14.95 mo Nellis & DI. You get an RFD tag so quick in and out. Free vacs.
1-20 of 21 Results