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  1. Complaints
    I started hearing the weird brake noise this afternoon. I had to apologize for the rest of the night and assure folks that everything was fine. No warning, nothing. My car only has 25,000 miles!!! Toyota is really going downhill with their quality. Yes, yes, I can already hear the responses...
  2. New York City
    if i switched to car service and reported $0 gross income, can i deduct mileage or rental fees on top of that? :hopeful:
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    I would build a block chain app and make it open source. The commission would be based on the cost to maintain it using AI so that it would eventually be run for drivers benefit. As of course technology will no doubt be replacing drivers I would build in a pension based on years of service as...
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello UberPeople Toronto! Our idea came from the fact that finding good car service can be a real pain sometimes. So we built an online service to help tackle the problem. This January, RepairMatch was born. You tell us your service needs, and we find the best mechanic for it at a fixed, fair...
  5. Atlanta
    Hello Atlanta Chauffeurs, We are ProDriver and we are recruiting Chauffeurs / Independent Limousine Operators for lucrative contract jobs with major Limousine companies who need affiliates and luxury TNC's app's. On the spot Interviews being held in Atlanta May 8th - May 22nd We are only...
  6. Las Vegas
    Hello Chauffeurs, We are ProDriver and we are looking to contract with 100 Licensed Limousine Operators in Las Vegas this week. ON THE SPOT INTERVIEWS ARE BEING HELD ON March 13th - March 21st We will be in Las Vegas for one week only. We will be recruiting Independent Limousine...
  7. Miami
    On the spot Interviews being held Feb 9th- Feb 14th ! Hello Drivers, 
We are ProDriver and we will be in Miami for one week only! We are recruiting drivers for lucrative contract jobs, with major Limousine companies & luxury TNC app's. The average trips pays out about $100 per "airport run"...
  8. New York City
    Basically looking around to see what else is out there...this car services industry in general is a total chaos o_O
  9. London
    Just had my car serviced and mot'd today. usually I use few local garages but this time I found this service online and it seemed fine for the price incl. pick up and delivery. So I was expecting £93(mot+serv) but they charged me £400! I checked all bulbs last night, and all visual stuff but...
  10. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hey guys, so I need to do maintenance on my transmission, Jiffy Lube is quoting me $150 and a smaller shop is quoting me $280! I need a little help on this one. I live in LBC please advise on where and what's the difference... JEEP PATRIOT 2014
  11. Singapore
    Hi all, Started this thread as we find many motorists in Singapore always find it a chore to find workshops for servicing. Apart from that, other issues like trust (fear that workshops are conmen), quality and service are some problems facing Singapore's motorists. The most common being charged...
  12. Vehicles
    I was wondering if Uber, Lyft or any ridesharing company doesn't provide benefits for car service (correct me if I'm wrong). Where does everyone go to get a better deal, save or spend less when getting their car service?
  13. Montgomery County
    READ BELOW TO SEE HOW YOU CAN GET THIS DEAL FOR $17.74 As always, I was checking how I can save money on vehicle maintenance (or anything else for that matter ! :) ) and came across this deal on GROUPON. Its through a company called Precision Tune Auto Care and they have 8 locations in MD...
1-13 of 13 Results