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  1. Advice
    Whose doing it and why? I work the Chicago and suburban Chicago area. I do not accept riders with small that do not have a car seat. Each one, a dozen so far, have all said that I'm the first to deny a ride to them. One was a woman had an INFANT. They're really pssd and say that the next driver...
  2. Stories
    First Call: High School Student, obviously under 18, going to school WITH HER MOTHER. Second Call: Picked up Lady and her infant at a Hotel. HAD A CAR SEAT! Third Call: Woman with a Service dog......WITH A BLANKET TO PUT OVER THE SEAT! Not a bad start to an amazingly slow day.
  3. Chicago
    Dear Paxholes: My car is not an eating place ... Please!!! No food, no drinks, no smoking, no hairspray. Cleaning up spills and working to get rid of food, smoke, odors, and dirty windows, costs me time and lost income. Please eat, drink, and apply your makeup somewhere else...
  4. Advice
    I’ve been getting a crazy amount of requests lately, for parents with young kids that don’t have a car seat. They just either hold them or plop them in the seat next to them, usually without buckling the seat belt. I always cancel these trips when I pull up to PAX, but I’m assuming all the other...
1-4 of 4 Results