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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    This is the 3rd time when I am replacing the cracked windshield as it prevents my vehicle from passing the safety inspection. Please advise where are the lowest prices for replacing a windshield with the sensor for Nissan Rogue 2020?
  2. Washington DC
    Just wanted to give a shoutout to our own Shuffler-in-Chief 3.75. Long story short Pope 3.75 did some work on my car yesterday. I got the parts, he put them on. He did a great job. Given that Uber/Lyft cut rates again, keeping a running vehicle is both difficult and also muey importante as...
  3. Washington DC
    Know any reasonable mechanic to replce my car's rear wheel bearing?
  4. Phoenix
    Being a full time driver means you should also be a part time mechanic! I never have refered to myself as a mechanic always a (Upfitter or customizer)! But really l, if you're full time driving you need to fix your own car especially on the X platform where profits are thin! So what has broke...
  5. Stories
    So I blew out a tire a few weeks ago. Minimal damage to the drive side corner where the tire blew out. I fixed the tire and rim, car drives fine. But there is a crack in my windshield , a long one, from the impact of when I lost control of the car and hit a median. Blowing out a tire can be...
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    With the high cost of repairs how many of you do your own repairs?
  7. Complaints
    My car broke down and will likely cost a couple thousand dollars to fix. I've taken in roughly $9200 in revenue this year but figure I've spent close to $2000 on gas and repairs and now this $2000 repair leaves me with like $5000 for almost an entire year of part time driving hell. Uber's cut...
  8. San Diego
    Mx Evolution mobile mechanic Serving Escondido,Oceanside,Irvine, Menifee, San Diego. •brake inspections •engine light diagnostics •vehicle inspections •vehicle schedule maintenance •lower prices, warranty •state license 760-405-6385
1-8 of 8 Results