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  1. London
    Does anyone know any good Pco car hire in the Coventry region?
  2. London
    Just a curious thought as am in the market for a new car. We all know car manufacturers exaggerate on their MPG figures. From experience what cars get what MPG in London? I have heard that Prius's claimed 72mpg is more like 40.. My bmw 325d got around 40-45 in London without trying too hard...
  3. Perth
    Hi I have been driving with Uber since last 2+ years (4.73 rating), I wonder if I can use this forum to find an owner who can allow me to drive his car for Uber for a short period 1 week/1 month , the period can be increased or decreased if you want to go on holidays and you want me to drive...
1-3 of 3 Results