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  1. Philadelphia
    Last night 2 trips; no car seat 1 and unaccompanied minor 2, neither credited. I took a couple weeks off driving and forgot they never credited me for a cancelled unaccompanied minor trip 3/22, at the time was told they were experiencing technical difficulties call back in 2-4 days if credit...
  2. Kansas City
    I went to pick up a pax on Lyft. Her boyfriend got in car without the account holder. As soon as ride started, the account holder cancelled the trip. This is a tactic paxholes are using now to pay $5 for a long trip if driver doesn't notice. It could of been an honest mistake, but I doubt...
  3. Gainesville
    Lastnight I drove Uber in Gainesville and things were pretty decent until I got a ticket! I was so frustrated because my two rides prior to that should have given me a clue that it was time to pack up and go home, but I had a quota I wanted to meet for the night. Uber always tells you where to...
1-3 of 3 Results