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  1. Complaints
    Today was shaping up to be a slow one, so I went online (XL) from home so I could take care of few things around the house. Finally got a ping mid afternoon. Only 3 miles away. I arrive to find a gated entrance. Text pax twice. About to cancel when I get the call. "I think I dropped the...
  2. Advice
    I've been driving in Bakersfield for about 3 mo. My question. I get a ping 20 min away I don't want to drive that far for a 5.00 ride. What is the best way not to do the ride? Let it time out or accept it then cancel.
  3. Advice
    I was on the highway this evening, and received three back-to-back pings that I ACRDNCRd within five seconds of accepting. I logged into my history, and they've been recorded. Has anyone else noticed this?
  4. New Jersey
    If you are willing, I need all the drivers on here that were deactivated by Uber for canceling too much, to contact me. If you are already deactivated there shouldn't be anything to worry about....even if they reactivated you...please still contact me. We need to make a case out of this. They...
  5. Miami
    Yesterday I had a 5.0 Uber Pool very nice woman ask me why drivers keep canceling on her: -Pax: can you tell me what is my rating? -You're a 5.0 -Pax: Then why am I having a hard time getting a car? I keep getting cancelled or the cars near me ignore my request -Because you're requesting...
  6. Advice
    I have been doing Uber and now lyft. lyft questions. How do you get a cancellation fee? I tried to log out and it said i would be charged with cancellation? Also I have a ride 23 miles away and canceled and was charged on my record.. Dont they have like uber the reasons for cancels? I have...
  7. Pay
    Additions are welcome. With a "Safe Driver Fee" or SDF a 1$ base fee plus .10 cents a mile, added to the fare, drivers would be compensated for but not limited to: 1. An extra $1.10 for the 1 mile ride. 2. That empty return trip. 3. Marketing efforts. 4. Air fresheners. 5. Car washes. 6. Four...
1-7 of 7 Results