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  1. Brisbane
    A poll of 96 drivers showed 63% cancel more than 25% of fares they accept due to unprofitably issues
  2. Brisbane
    Yes some truths but still some lies no doubt backed by Ubers money - Lie 1. A 17yr old is using the platform but Uber doesn’t allow for this - https://help.uber.com/driving-and-delivering/article/requests-from-underage-riders---?nodeId=43b84de6-758b-489e-b088-7ee69c749ccd Lie 2. Uber...
  3. Washington DC
    Over the past 2 days in the DMV I have a near 90% cancelation rate on scheduled rides... Number one, it's nearly impossible to get them over the past few days, and two, most cancel right before the scheduled time.. No idea what's going on with lyft lately. Anyone else seeing this?
  4. Canberra
    At 5.01 pm on Tuesday 17 July 2018, Uber sent drivers the following important email about an update to its cancellation policy that will take effect from Tuesday 31 July 2018: Cancellation policy update Making cancellations fairer We've heard feedback that high driver-partner trip...
  5. Complaints
    Wondering if anyone here knows if either Lyft Line or Uber Pool have changed things, so that you're able to cancel stops on either, without canceling the entire trip?? I mainly just ask because I just saw this Buzzfeed article about how pax are using rideshare instead of ambulances to get to...
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So, we are now forced to take every ride and cannot cancel on our Passengers. Talk about forced labor. Did anyone else see this???!!
  7. Stories
    So I'm out driving this evening, coming back into town from a drop off in the middle of nowhere and thinking about calling it quits and going home. It's surging at 1.5 so that means no rides for a while as surge fares are rare here, everyone waits until they end. Sure enough the surge ends and I...
  8. Lyft
    Anyone here see a serious issue with the recent update to Lyft's cancelation policy?? As I'm sure most of you have noticed, if you try to "Cancel" a ride you've accepted, you get a warning that it'll damage your acceptance rate (which in turn damages your score, and your ability to keep...
  9. Inland Empire & Riverside County
    Saw this story recently, not sure if its for the US or where. Anyone know anything more about it? Would love this if it were true! http://www.cnet.com/au/news/uber-experimenting-with-cutting-waiting-time-to-two-minutes/
  10. Notifications
    I received this notification from Uber today, however I have never canceled a trip personally unless there is a no show and I can't get a hold of pax (and this doesn't happen much) Anyone else receive this? It appears that you’ve been canceling more rides than other drivers in Columbia, MO...
  11. Advice
    So last night, it happened: the 2 pax I picked up was giving a BJ to another in the back of my car. Pick two dudes up who are leaving a bar around closing time, I call them when I arrive to let 'em know where I am, yet end up having to wait like 2 minutes-- red flag 1. However, I do, since...
1-11 of 11 Results