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  1. Philadelphia
    Last night 2 trips; no car seat 1 and unaccompanied minor 2, neither credited. I took a couple weeks off driving and forgot they never credited me for a cancelled unaccompanied minor trip 3/22, at the time was told they were experiencing technical difficulties call back in 2-4 days if credit...
  2. Sydney
    I got this reply back from Taxify support, they say they are working on a Cancellation fee. I hope for our sake and Taxify's that it happens soon!
  3. Lyft
    I had to go through my ride list and manually submit review requests for twenty something unpaid cancel fees. Don't slip and let them get away with cheating you out of what's yours.
  4. Washington DC
    I have the basics of a new shuffle..but need help fine-tuning it. Drunk girl pickup from Ozzio's. Waited 5 minutes +. Decided Why not make this ghost rider trip count for quest. After 2nd text from her, "coming out now"...I started the trip.Shuffled around the corner and got 2nd ping...Accepted...
  5. Advice
    I know that Uber Scheduled Rides have been discussed before on the forum, but I'm still not clear on a few points. Is there any way for drivers to distinguish a scheduled ride from a normal ride, before or after start? Do Scheduled Rides tend to be "longer", more profitable trips (like...
  6. Miami
    is that they give you the entire cancellation fee instead of taking a cut like uber. Otherwise it's 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.
  7. Advice
    Hey all. So, here I am driving about town dreaming of the millions of dollars Uber is waiting to put in my pockets and all the hot PAX waiting to tip me $100 for a 3 mile ride when the inevitable happens...back to back no show. Here's where the math gets funny. Rider 2: Text sent at...
  8. Chicago
    I've noticed a disturbing pattern of cancel fees not being paid lately so after endless emails to robots, I visited the office on North Ave today. My first visit there - it's very slick of course. The young lady at the counter asked for my phone number. I calmly explained to her the reason for...
  9. Boston
    I was driving yesterday down comm ave when i got a ping for a 1.8x surge fare. Luckily it was just one block down the road. I get here and i wait, I noticed that the name was very asian (I mean i couldnt pronounce it to save my life) I quickly noticed two nice looking Asian gals come out of a...
  10. Dallas
    The only thing I noticed after reading the 3 pages was that cancellation fees are subject to a commission fee now. I'm assuming that wasn't there before since drivers received a full $5 cancel fee. Pay decrease to drivers for those few riders who no-show. Post any other changes you see. I'm...
  11. Advice
    It looks like Uber is trying to phase out the cancellation fee that drivers collect when a passenger doesnt show up after a 5+ minute wait. In Toronto they wont pay it out anymore unless you continuously complain. What do you guys think?
  12. Washington DC
    So aparently the cancellation fee has gone up in Greater Maryland from $5 to $7. Keep in mind Greater MD is everything excluding Montgomery, PG,BWI and Baltimore City. Guess I'm going to do more cancellations.
  13. Complaints
    I just drove from sun prairie to Stoughton exit on 12 before rider canceled . uber says no fee is charged . at least let me 0 star the rider. that cost me money and time. I thought the cancelation fee was back on 3 months ago . oh well. can we share a list of riders we don't want to...
  14. Technology
    Anyone else notice if Uber is auto canceling requests after 5 minutes? Giving you the no show fee, and pushing the next ride? I was running a 2.5-4.5X surge most of Saturday night. I had a request outside TacoHell and was getting close to doing my final text before leaving, when the app started...
  15. Washington DC
    I see a lot of posts from drivers worrying about canceling a ride that they really ought to cancel, but they hesitate because they're worried about getting in trouble. If it is helpful data: I looked at my cancellations data since the beginning of June. They show the acceptance rate and...
  16. Atlanta
    So Uber is now cheating drivers by not paying them cancelation pay anymore. They are doing this because as the Moto goes "The Customer is always right." And the customers complain to much about being charge these fees. Here is an example: If you get a request that is more than 7 plus minutes...
  17. Chicago
    News to me....a pax cancels after 5 minutes while enroute to pick them up (on Select platform) and no cancelation fee??
  18. Tampa
    For those of you drivers who end up in Gulfport, there is an asshole by the name of "Brian" who hailed a ride from me from 6150 Gulfport Blvd S. It's an apartment complex. I'm pissed because I knew there was something fishy about his demeanor and the fact that he and his friends did...
  19. Advice
    If you notice it's suddenly gone from the Dashboard, and you complain to Support, they will likely give it back.
  20. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Earlier this morning around 5am, I got a ping for pick up. I get to the location and I see an Uber driver pull up as well. After waiting 6 minutes, I was about to hit cancel and someone walks out to my car.. He then says "Are you uber?" and i said "No. I'm lyft." I then point to my left and...
1-20 of 25 Results