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  1. Technology
    I know it doesn't have the best reviews, but I figured someone might be looking for a cheap one. This Cobra camera package w/ 32gb memory card included(amazon doesn't include the 32gb memory card) will be $60 on sale so marked down to $129.99 @ Costco and online Nov.16-26 Not sure what the...
  2. San Francisco
    Have you noticed a spike in bus cam tickets? Got a bus can ticket from dropping off st 19th and Bart in Oakland.. $260 Be careful out there all, those buses will ALL get you now
  3. Technology
    I will be installing a dascam , been thinking about how the real world works. If I was a drunk or crazy nutcase and realized I had just been videoed doing criminal evil, I would grab the cam and run off with it. This reality would make the much acclaimed Falcom 360 useless as it is vulnerable to...
  4. Technology
    The Falcon F360 seems like a favorite dash cam, but it wouldn't work for me. My car came with a rearview mirror that automatically dims, has a compass, and three buttons for opening gates and garage doors. Is there a center mirror replacement that has all that? Or maybe is there a dash cam...
  5. Advice
    Do any of you keep an archive of the video of your drives? If so... how long do you hang on to them? 1 week? 1 month? 1 year?
  6. Melbourne
    Hi fellow Uber Melbournians, Is anyone using Car Dash cam 2 channel internal and external in their car, if so which model do you use/recommend? I am thinking of getting one just to be safe and avoid my side vs their side. However, is anyone aware of the laws and privacy policies around it (Uber...
1-6 of 6 Results