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  1. Advocacy
    What's going on here? Creative math/accounting?
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Does anyone know if they will remove the 5/10 requirement for upfront fare details in California? There is no 5/10 in other markets, and I can't think of any good reason to keep it here.
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Is there any company in California that can rent Cadillac, GMC or Suburban for Uber black suv? If yes, what are the requirements and how much per week?
  4. News
    July 25, 2021 Uber is now showing California drivers the full fare that riders are paying, including fees, following a report in Mission Local on the previous discrepancy. Riders were being charged a higher amount than what drivers were seeing as the listed fare. An Uber spokesperson said the...
  5. News
  6. Advice
    I know this discussion has been talked about quite extensively. Potential California shutdown. To pay homage to Uber & Lyft, I find this song appropriate, especially the lyric "I traveled each and every highway, but more, much more than this, I did it my way..."
  7. Lyft
    You know those Promotional efforts of Lyft, where you get a sign on code, and you’re guaranteed $__.___ dollars, if you complete 100 rides, etc. Has anybody experienced any type of generosity whereas they came close and still got the bonus? (or partial bonus?)... or are they super strict with...
  8. Advice
    Just to be clear, in all 50 states...nothing has been implemented to accommodate for self employed/gig economy workers for unemployment. NONE. Some of these posts that are claiming to receive benefits appear to have slipped through the cracks of the system for now, but I assure you 99% of you...
  9. Advice
    I just received a 1099 in the mail yesterday from a person who is driving with ALL my information including my social security number. The only thing they changed was they added their first name in front of my name. They even spelled my address horribly wrong. I am obviously not going to be...
  10. Advice
    So I have a new baby coming in the next 3 weeks, my regular full-time job is a Monday-Friday type and I would be entitled to apply for FMLA and receive 6 weeks of California paid family leave at 60% with supplemental PTO from work to make up the difference. Currently I work Uber/Doordash on the...
  11. Advice
    Last year, Financial Times actually created an online game to have players experience the trials and tribulations of being an Uber driver. It's like a choose your own adventure flash like game. You have two difficulties: Easy mode: You're a driver with good credit in San Francisco Hard mode...
  12. News
    I read on Twitter yesterday that RDU has begun talks with TWU. Has anyone received any correspondence regarding this? I signed up with them in June and have yet to receive one SMS from them. I am wondering how decisions like this are being made. This will not only affect CA drivers post AB5 but...
  13. Lyft
    This company has caused so many problems in my life!! Making so many people homeless!! Such a corrupt, cheating, sour, greedy, disgusting lying company that I hope goes bankrupt and everyone goes broke, and stocks fail!!! I can't even imagine, how bad it is now!! California State...
  14. Toronto (Ontario)
    Seems to be a hot button in the US Federal election, even though it is a State Law. California often sets the legislation aspirations for the rest of the Country (and yes, Canada too) - eg. vehicle emissions, cap-and-trade, etc...
  15. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hello Drivers! I'm a uber driver in Michigan and I plan on moving to Los Angeles in October and I was wondering is it worth ubering in LA or should I just find a regular 9-5? I see a bunch of complaints about pay and how it's not worth it. Do you find yourself driving too long/working to hard...
1-15 of 99 Results