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  1. Bwi

    Been in the queue for 7 hours at bwi finnally got a ride for 3.38 feeling sad for myself.
  2. Washington DC
    Up in the Bmore hogpit got a glimpse of the Mythical Tesla sitting here as a reminder we will never make money with Uber unless we are retired and use it as a tax shelter..To the driver if you on here nice ride btw!
  3. Washington DC
    Whats with the queue always showing low numbers but crawling at a snails pace maybe yankdog can fill us in since you are the sage of airport pick ups oh wise one
  4. Washington DC
    Wow they really freaking did it its offically a freaking sharma stand at the bwi lot its become the wild wild mideast up there since airport cops never troll around....not a bad business model got give it up to Rohit living the American Dream
  5. Baltimore
    So noticed the weirdiest thing while sitting at the BWI INS office two portly women walking around up and down "talking" to the drivers...sooo is this a thing now tricking out here like wtf is going on up here???
  6. Complaints
    Wow. Just when I thought uber couldn't make it's airport queue any more inefficient, they go and do this, and completely make me reevaluate my driving tenure with them. I have been doing primarily airport rides for the last 6 months. About three months ago, I figured out that if you set a...
  7. Baltimore
    Good morning Baltimore Uber drivers, So this is my first post, but i have a lot more I would like to post about as far as questions and things I've wanted to talk about with other uber drivers. But my meaning for my post this morning is in regards to BWI pickups. Uber support has proven to be...
  8. Washington DC
    What are the latest rules here in 2016 for our airports? 1. BOTH AIRPORTS: What parts of the airport are you allowed to drive on? I mean: when a pax wants to be picked up or dropped off, where are you allowed to do that? Are some levels prohibited? And are you allowed/required in the...
1-8 of 8 Results