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  1. Advice
    GO MAKE THAT MONEY!!!!!!!!! In all seriousness, I wish for success and safety for everyone driving tonight. NYE is the busiest night of the year, with great risk comes even greater rewards. I've been seeing some pretty TEMPTING promotions on Uber. $75 extra for every 3 trips?????? That's wild...
  2. Melbourne
    When it's a little quiet, what's your sure fire way to get a ping? I find if you fart, inadvertently or intentionally, a ping will follow almost immediately. Thereafter a drive with all windows down follows prior to the pickup. Trust me it always works!
  3. Surge
    here in Atlanta it gets pretty crazy in the morning, surge everywhere it usually makes a great time to make serious money, however today Monday morning the busiest morning of the week, There Was No surge anywhere for 4 hours of morning commute. what makes it even more odd is that there is a...
  4. London
    Its about time Uber get under attack! After the bullying attitude towards drivers and a 25% cut from our hard earned driving, im hoping these new companies take on some of the market share and look after us! ViaVan: 15% MiWhip: 7.5%>15% Kapten: TBC Any other companies due to launch? Hope all...
  5. Denver
    Hey, I just started driving again since last Winter, but my first time living down here in Denver. I drove Boulder in my off season (winter) last year and it was pretty slow during the day (10 am - 4 pm). I never drove super early and usually stopped because of traffic for rush hour, then drove...
  6. London
    Hi, just wondering how Ad Lee is doing these days. I know a few members here are with AL. Mr Postcode, are you still loving it?? Mr Dubs? I am not sure but Mr Volkswaber, are you with them or are you on your scooter? Looks like Ad Lee prices are consistently higher than Uber X, say between...
  7. Chicago
    I’m done for the morning. Everyone else enjoy. Here’s a photo tutorial on starting the week right.
  8. New York City
    Forgot link but pic says it all... where all the new people at, buy this don't listen to the people who tell you to buy cheap and old. With this you can make 3000 per week working part time making your own schedule.
  9. Toronto (Ontario)
    After the early surge that is! December 16th?
  10. New York City
    These past three days have been the slowest for me this year thus far! I know it's a Jewish holiday today and tomorrow but why is it so slow? Is anybody having this problem and if yes does anybody know what is going on? Yesterday I made $47 in 6 hours also today I have been in Newark airport...
  11. Complaints
    So I've been online tonight since 5pm and have had exactly one (1) ride. An otherwise busy Friday night here in Downtown Rochester, NY What's really aggravating me is looking at the rider app. There's between 7-10 other Uber's out and I can watch them drive past me in the app and I can SEE...
  12. San Diego
    Hello all, This will be my first year working during comic con. I hear everyone talking about how it's the best time to work. What is to be expected? It seems to me that it will just be awful traffic anywhere downtown. Does it surge consistently from Thursday-Sunday everywhere in the city...
  13. Sydney
    Sifting through the forum I've noticed a reoccurring theme. Every week more and more people are posting about how slow it is. What if it isn't slow? What if slow is the new normal and busy days are exception?
  14. Los Angeles & Orange County
    QUICK question. I could be off, but is everyone else having a so so week. NONE of you select folks lol... :p:p:p:p j/k. I only ask, because Im having a hit or miss week and seeing if it just my chicken self. o_Oo_O
  15. New York City
    Let us know without killing anyone on the way. How's business? Anything worth wrecking your car for or just the renters are out
  16. New York City
    Last week was so shity I decided to not even come out this weekend but I'm also lazy today F-ck it. Gives my car a nice break but since school is back I wanted to ask those who are out if they see any difference
  17. Advice
    Happy Presidents' Day! Lots of sales, so Big shopping day. Get out early. People will need their Ubers all day. Monday's normally slow for me. I hope today will be different.
  18. San Diego
    Good evening all, I was wondering what I could expect from the rain tomorrow here in San Diego. Part time Driver and because of my kids I can only work in the mornings to early evening, basically 9-5. Honestly what type of money/number of fares can I expect in the central San Diego area and...
  19. Boston
    Friday is Veterans Day! I know some businesses stay open so they can have the day after Thanksgiving off! Will Friday wind up being a quiet day or will it still be a normal day for Lyft and Uber?
1-20 of 32 Results